HLS Security Services

We offer a complete range of High Level Services of Security for our clients. Below you will find more detailed information about some of our security services. We also offer many other security services and solutions, as well as having the ability to provide tailor-made solutions to your exact requirements and needs. Please contact us for any further information about High Level Services of Security.

Static Security Guarding

Supplying security guards / officers throughout the Greece, the operation management of HLS-Security is proactive in matching people to the exact requirements of specific assignments. We also take great care with regards to the on-the-job training of our staff.

HLS-Security understand that suitable and highly trained staff is of extreme importance when placing security staff to our clients. Due to the result of increasing crime, static security guarding assignments have increased across all market sectors, including public access buildings.

Employers and providers of public services face great pressure to ensure the safety and protection of both their employees and visitors. It is in this situation that HLS-Security can provide a complete range of security solutions.

Mobile Security Patrols

Our mobile security patrols are well equipped search and response units that can make secure and random checks of the business and residential premises of our clients, throughout the day and night, ensuring security checks on all doors, windows and other points of entry.

HLS-Security mobile patrol units are equipped with computerized guard tour checkpoint systems, where downloaded activity data provides our clients with a secure and effective security solution.

Our patrol units can provide a computerized printout, including time and dates, with all invoices, that can provide the client with an excellent method to cross check the security services original required and those that have been ultimately provided by HLS-Security.

House Sitting

With increasing burglary and robberies taking place, as well as the fear of vandalism and tresspassing, many absent home owners require either long or short term security solutions, ranging from mobile patrolling and risk assesment through to in-house security guards. HLS-Security can provide a complete range of home security services.

Parking & Traffic Management

HLS-Security offer a unique traffic and parking management solution that can assist with general traffic management at your places of business. Illegal and thoughtless parking can cause great problems for both members of your staff as well as visitors, which can ultimately result in a physical attack or disturbance of some kind.

Health and Safety regulations could also be breached due to traffic and parking problems. HLS-Security can provide highly visable staff, who have been diplomatically trained to deal with all types of parking and traffic situations.

Front of House

For assignements positioned in public buildings, or business / commercial properties, an attentive and diplomatic approach is always essential for front house security services. Staff of HLS-Security can provide highly visable and effective security services, as well as maintaining an excellent relationship with both clients and consumers.

Gatehouse / Weighbridge Security

For Gatehouse Security assignments, HLS-Security can arrange for lodge and weighbridge operators, all of whom have been fully trained with particular emphasis on communication and people skills, as well as skills for multi tasking and personel management.

Monitoring Centre

Round the clock monitoring and the direction of operations ensures the continuation of high security services, allowing clients to have a dedicated security personel assigned by HLS-Security, appointed due to their compatability for the required security service of the client.